Employment Relationships

HRSA’s labor practice serves large corporate groups, medium and small-sized companies, as well as individuals. We provide services as advisors and also in the resolution of administrative or judicial disputes.

We have successful experience in strategic issues involving several types of employment relationships relevant to the business activity, in addition to structuring and regulation of Private Pension Funds, collective bargaining, union classification and inspection, regulation and self-regulation of economic and professional activities and class entities.


We offer strategic, effective and safe solutions, with risk assessment and litigation prevention. Always bearing in mind tax impacts and social security and social charges, some of our practices are: drafting contracts, internal rules and regulations, organizational restructuring, incentive, attraction and retention of talent programs, career plans, compensation and benefits.

Litigation, Administrative and Judicial

We seek to defend our client’s best interest through structured and well-grounded answers, with rigorous analysis and presentation of evidence. We practice before the Labor and Federal Courts, the Federal Supreme Court, the Labor Prosecution Office, Labor and Social Security Inspection in all states.

Topics and Projects

Our practice involves  assistance in several topics and projects, including senior executives, confidentiality and non-competition, variable compensation, sign-on and retention bonus, performance bonus, stock options, Profit Sharing, safety, health and ergonomics, burnout, occupational accidents and diseases, unhealthy and hazardous work, deviation from agreed role/position and equal pay, Public Interest Civil Action, Civil Investigation, Consent Decree, arbitration procedures, quotas, inclusion and diversity, just cause, moral and sexual harassment, discrimination, outsourcing, platform work, gig economy, bank of hours, telecommuting, cooperatives, expatriates, digital nomad, collective bargaining, union dues, economic group, labor succession, execution, disregard of legal entity.