Litigation and Arbitration

HRSA has a team that has been working together for more than two decades in highly complex strategic litigation. We assist our clients in a variety of legal proceedings, such as civil, commercial, regulatory and health, administrative, trademark and patent litigation, among others

Our practice is recognized in the market both in judicial and administrative dispute resolution, at federal, state and municipal levels, working with frequent argumentativeness and interaction with the Judiciary Branch.

We highlight our practice in disputes against the Government, corporate, family and probate litigation, contractual disputes in general, collection, execution, and strategic consumer law cases.

Judicial Litigation

We work in strategic and relevant cases in judicial courts, in all instances of the State and Federal Courts, in litigation involving contractual disputes, intellectual property, civil liability and consumer relations, technology, insurance, among others.

Public Law

We provide assistance in legal disputes against the Government, including lawsuits for updating the prices of regulated products; public-interest civil actions; citizen suits related to government contracts and environmental matters. We also handle regulatory and sanctioning administrative proceedings before Regulatory Agencies, Autonomous (government) Agencies, Accounting Courts and other spheres.

Business Litigation

We assist clients in disputes related to M&A transactions, corporate conflicts, partial dissolution of companies, determination of assets, capital markets, banking, bad debt recovery, court-supervised reorganization and bankruptcy, among others.


Our practice involves preparation and definition of strategy, selection of arbitrators, initiation and conduction of national or international arbitration procedures, as well as in the subsequent steps of the procedure, such as ratification and enforcement of domestic or international arbitration awards and judgments.

Pharmaceutical Industry

HRSA has a deep and substantial experience in matters related to pharmaceutical industry, with its lawyers having handled, for over two decades, regulatory, transactional and litigation matters. Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, distributors of health care products, cosmetics, toiletries and consumables, hospitals and health insurance carriers and administrators, as well as healthtechs.